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You are shopping for a hot tub right now, our rewards program goes beyond spas with the Factory Cash program. These are real dollars that can be used to buy thousands of products within the Factory network. You earn when you buy, share and participate with Factory eStores. Read more about Factory Cash Rewards and learn why others come back to the Factory every time.

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Distributor mark ups, shipping cost to their warehouse, distributor storage costs, shipping to the retailer, retailer store costs, sales commission for the sales rep, the retailer's mark up, and then shipping to your front door! It's easy to see why hot tubs are known for being so expensive! Let us connect you to the manufacturer; why pay more? Shop smarter and live larger! Avoid the mark-ups and buy from The Factory.

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Because we have the lowest prices, free shipping and no taxes and it doesn't end there. We believe in a strong, professional customer service team. Take a look at our customer testimonials, or check out 5 Reasons To Buy From Us we know you'll like what you'll see. Just contact us for any help; from choosing products, to checking out and even after you have made your purchase. We are here for you.

Free Shipping

We bring you even more value by offering free shipping on all of our hot tubs and spas. There are no large fees tacked on at the end of your order, you know exactly what you will pay for shipping on your spa... nothing. The policy is all encompassing, another simple, easy and smarter part about shopping from the Factory.

Shipping to Canada

We ship to Canada! Our spas ship to our Canadian neighbors through both freight companies and freight forwarding companies. There are additional shipping charges for the extra distance and buyers are responsible for duties and brokerage fees at the border. Even with these fees, however, we are still much lower than retailers. Call us for a quote on a specific spa or hot tub and let the price shopping begin!

Portable Spas

Dreammakers portable spa line is the quickest way to get the hydrotherapy and relaxation you've been waiting for. The spa is lightweight, easy to move, and even easier to get up and running. The plug-n-play feature is not only convenient, but it also saves you a considerable amount during installation. Just fill up your spa with your water hose and plug it into a standard 120V 15A household circuit. Its that easy! Check our all of our portable spas , We have a wide selection of models and prices.

Acrylic Spas

Dreammaker's acrylic spas are the more luxurious line. They have steel frames, cutting edge insulation and jets galore. These spas are not as portable as the foam spas and need more extensive installation, but they provide a more luxurious and glamorous spa to enjoy for many years to come. Browse our acrylic spas you may find the one you've been dreaming of all along!

Hot Tub Covers

We provide standard hot tub covers and eco covers for all of our spas. Covers keep debris, animals and other unwanted materials out of your spa. They also keep the spa well insulated so that it remains warm and on standby for use. If you upgrade to an eco cover, you will receive even more insulation and ultimately less energy will be consumed, lowering your water bill and helping to create a better planet.

Eco Spas

Our most energy saving hot tubs are the Dreammaker eco spa line. They include an eco cover and the Econo-Circ Heating System which keep your hot tub steaming hot! The best part is, the electric bill will be lower. It really is the best of both worlds; less energy, more heat and a better world!


Hot tubs are easy to take of, but you need to have the right chemicals. Factory Hot Tub offers all of the chemicals you need to keep your water crystal clear. Dont like to take trips to the pool supply store? Just order them online and have your spa chemical set shipped to your door!

Filters and Lights

Good filters preserve the value of your spa and also ensure that when you relax, it's i crystal clear, steaming water. Lighting systems add another level of ambience to the water to help you unwind. Factory Hot Tub has the spa filters and spa lighting accessories you need all in one place.

Other Spa Parts

We offer many other spa parts, from all of the little pieces that can hard to find, to more obvious things like stainless steel jet systems. Whatever you may need, we have the Dreammaker and Leisure Bay component you are looking for.