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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my spa not shut off?

The Dream Maker Spa is designed to run from the time you plug it in to run until it reaches your desired temperature. Once desired temperature is reached then you can control the on/off with the buttons on the top control. For example: On the initial startup the spa will run for approximately 18 hours to reach 100 degrees. At that point the spa will shut off, then the spa will maintain your desired temperature settings. Keep in mind that anytime power is disrupted from the spa, the spa will reset itself and run until it reaches the spa’s default settings.

2. Why does my spa turn on late at night?

The spa is designed to filtrate every 12 hours. The clock starts the second you plug it in. Recommend unplugging and plugging back in between 7 and 8. This means the spa will come on every 12 hours at the designated time and filtrate the amount of time you have it set for.

3. Why is my spa hotter than it is set for?

If your spa is set for 101 degrees but it reads 103 degrees most likely your filter cycle is set too high. Adjust your filter cycle down to the next lower setting or F0. Remember, when the spa is running to filtrate it is also heating.

4. Why is my spa not heating?

All Dream Maker Spas heat at approximately 1.5 degrees per hour. If your water temperature is 70 degrees when you first fill your spa it will take approx. 20 hours to reach 100 degrees. Remember, it is imperative to keep your safety cover on and the air control valves turned off while heating.

5. One of the jets won’t work. What do I do?

First of all, all the jets on Dream Maker Spas are individually controlled. If a jet is not producing the venturi turn the jet face counter clockwise and open up the air control knob. The jets are designed individually so you can control the pressure at each jet.

6. What is the tool included in the Owners Manual Kit for?

The tool located with the filter and manual package is a jet wrench for maintenance. We suggest twice a year you remove the jet face with the flat head screwdriver, insert the jet wrench tool and tighten the jet 1/8 to 1/4 turn clockwise. (See page 17 for detail instructions)

7. How do I change the light bulb?

For the top light there is an access panel located on the outside wall of the spa, directly behind the light. For the bottom light, first drain the spa, tilt up, and you can easily reach in and give the bulb housing a quarter turn counter clockwise to take out the bulb. To install, follow the same steps in reverse order.

8. How many gallons does my spa hold?

Eclipse = 210 gallons

X-Spa-Dition = 200 gallons

X-400 = 200 gallons

Trident / Fantasy = 200 gallons

X-100 / Escape / X-Treme = 200 gallons

X-Calibur = 270 gallons

X-500 = 270 gallons

Odyssey / Galaxy = 260 gallons

Trident / Fantasy = 260 gallons

9. I see water on the floor. What does this mean?

The cover can accumulate condensation between the seams and run down the sides of the spa. You can verify that water is coming from the cover by squeezing the seam, or by repositioning the cover so that the seam is on a different side. This only occurs when the temperature and humidity are at certain levels.

10. What do I do if I cannot fix a problem?

Contact the Customer service at Dream Maker Spas.


**Download the full manual here: DreamMaker Spas Manual